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Gain Cost Efficiencies

Using the latest technology we are able to clean gutters from the ground using carbon fibre telescopic poles and a specialist power vacuum. (see image below) Using our powerful gutter cleaning machines we are able to vacuum everything inside the gutters and in your down pipes
Ladder-less gutter cleaning

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Advantages of using our leaderless gutter cleaning specialists.

• Safe – One of the advantages of using this method are that our gutter cleaning specialists are able to work from the safety of the ground. Our gutter cleaning staff also hold CSCS cards and our machines all run on 110 volts enabling us to clean gutters safely and on constructions sites.

• Reaches difficult spots – Our equipment allows us to clean gutters up to 6 floors from the safety of the ground, our specialist poles allow us to reach more difficult to reach spots that ladders would be unsafe to use on.

• Money Saving – Ladder-less gutter cleaning also saves our clients money. This method out ways traditional methods such as using cherry as it saves our clients money on machinery hire.

• Reassurance through video footage – We are also able to offer our clients video footage of the gutters after the job is complete using our mini bullet cameras. This reassures our clients that their gutters are completely clean.

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Other gutter cleaning methods

We offer a wide range of other methods to clean gutters, we can use Cherry Pickers or MEWPs and Abseiling methods to clean your gutters too if necessary.

Surveys – If you require inspection of any high level work or repairs we are able to record high definition footage using our video recording equipment which enables us to view and inspect any problems from the safety of the ground.

Case studies

Rendall and Rittner Gutter clean on Wimbledon Site

Rendall and Rittner approached us in July 2012 to clean and inspect gutters on one of their sites in Wimbledon. Spectrum done a full site inspection, providing a quote and free survey on their gutters.

The ladder-less gutter cleaning system was a perfect solution as access by any other means would have being very difficult and expensive. Spectrum where able to clean the gutters up to 4 floors high on the site safely with minimal disturbance in one day. Spectrum staff recorded video footage of the gutters to show that they had being thoroughly cleared out all over. We were also able to show our client video footage of where some gutters needed repairing. This footage was emailed to our client with a full report.

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Do I need to provide a power source for the gutter cleaning machine?
Our machines normally run from a mains, we have a transformer to enable our machines on 110v for safety. If there is no power source available we can hire a generator, but this will be an additional charge for hire of a generator.

Can I have my gutters inspected with video footage as part of my free quote?
Yes, when we come to give you a free quotation we offer our customers the option to view footage of what is in the gutters.

How high can the leaderless gutter cleaning reach?
The highest level we can reach gutters is up to 6 floors or up to 62 ft.

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Spectrum Memberships & Certifications
Irata CSCS City and Guilds PAL FWC London Chamber Safe Contractor BSI and UKAS BSI