Rope Access Cleaning

Spectrum Window Cleaning Ltd are leaders in London and the South East in rope access systems including platforms, cradles, and industrial abseiling for safe working at height.  Although originally specializing in window cleaning, our specialist IRATA team can help you with a range of rope access cleaning services 24/7.

Most recent Industrial rope access or abseiling work was at the Tilbury Docks, who require an extremely high level of qualification, in particular health & safety compliance, of their rope access / abseiling cleaning contractors.

Read the press release for more information. The Tilbury contract, amongst many others, is further strong evidence of the growing and high regard in standing that Spectrum Window Cleanings is now held in London and the South East.

Why Use Spectrum Window Cleaning For Rope Access?

  • The rope access management team have over 10 years of experience
  • We will complete all our rope access tasks on time and on budget.
  • We only employ IRATA trained & qualified operatives for rope access.
  • Extensive internal  training, H&S monitoring and performance improvement.
  • Our rope access technicians are also available 24/7
  • Access to premium technology. Spectrum  fit and test eye bolts,
  • Our synergies mean we give our clients discounts & all round services
  • Owning our own equipment allows us to offer cost savings & a faster service

What Our Customers Say

“Spectrum have being providing abseiling services for us on sites that we cannot access by any other means. They have being reliable and able to respond quickly and efficiently, they have also being trustworthy and done a thorough job. I would highly recommend Lucian and his team at spectrum for their price and quality of service.” Zaitun Saleh – Contracts Manager, Scarlet Cleaning Ltd

Recent Rope Access Projects 

Click here to read about our Tilbury Docks Industrial rope access cleaning work.


What Is Rope Access?

Rope Access is the industries name to define Industrial Abseiling.  Rope access if a form of access method initially developed used in climbing and caving.

The operative is supported by industrial static rope which he is suspended to by a harness. Rope access technicians can descend, ascend, and traverse ropes to access the right position, and work while suspended by their harness.

It is a great way to access difficult to reach locations and cost effective and time effective method to complete high level tasks.

How Can Rope Access Services Be Used?

  • Window cleaning, gutter cleaning and jet washing on high level buildings
  • Rigging for events, installation of banners, lighting and flags.
  • Construction assistance for uniquely shaped structures for example stadiums and spires
  • Rescue Cover for scaffolding or other industries where a rescue procedure must be in place.
  • Installation and maintenance of pigeon nets and pigeon spikes (pest control)
  • Painting and decorating rope access
  • Confined Space Entry Access to duct work, risers, cooling towers, and incinerators etc for maintenance or installation purposes.
  • Inspection, surveying, maintenance, and construction on bridge, dams and wind turbines.
  • Data cabling; Installation, maintenance and removal of telecommunication and electrical transmission towers (pylons).
  • Access to large building façades for inspection and documentation

Advantage of Using Rope Access Techniques 

Rope Access is a primary alternative to using heavy machinery or scaffolding. It is much more cost effective than these other methods due to the safety and speed in which operatives can carry out their work.

The advantages of using Rope access lies in its capability to access difficult to reach locations at height swiftly and safely allowing operatives to carry out their tasks with minimal impact on the environment around them.

The rapid installation and removal of rope access systems has minimal impact on the environment around them; including the building structure, the building occupants and traffic flow on the ground. It gets around inconveniences and problems that scaffolding and heavy machinery can often cause.

Rope Access is a great access method because of its cost effectiveness it has compared to other access methods. Traditional access methods have many disadvantages; for example, scaffolding can be very expensive, slow to install, inconvenient, unattractive, a very real security risk, and can damage pavements and block emergency escape routes.

The speed of installing and removing our rope access systems delivers considerable savings over structural and mechanical access. Powered access platforms provide safety at height, but due to their size and restrictive mobility, do not always provide the best solution.

 To find out more how Spectrum Window Cleaning can help with Rope Access Solutions please call on 0203-551-6206. 
Spectrum Memberships & Certifications
Irata CSCS City and Guilds PAL FWC London Chamber Safe Contractor BSI and UKAS BSI