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Spectrum approach roof cleaning in a unique way that achieves the most optimum results ensuring your roof is looking like brand new. Our approach derives from a similar approach to render cleaning. We use a specially developed biocide which is mixed specially for each roof depending on the roof type. The biocide is applied without the need to climb the roof or erect scaffolding, spectrum then uses steam which is pushed up long carbon fibre poles to safely complete the last process of the clean.

As well as brining the roof back to its former glory Spectrum can apply a sealant to help maintain and preserve the tiles. The sealant also acts as a second coating to repel rain water ensuring your roof is kept water tight. The coating also helps the roof repel algae growth and ensures the roof stays looking great for longer. This isn’t a necessary option but one that we recommend to our customers after the roof cleaning is completed.

We are the first company in the U.K. To advance in roof cleaning with these methods and we are passionate about achieving the very best results. As part of our marketing strategy to promote roof cleaning we conducted a series of  experiments to see how roof cleaning affected the sale and value of a property. We obtained the valuations for a select few properties in London before and after the roof cleaning was completed to review the impact this had on the sale and value of the property. After having being impressed with positive impact this had we began offering our customers money back guarantees if the sale of the property doesn’t go up by £10,000.

We are driven to deliver fantastic customer service, and our company values sit at the heart of everything we do, delivery good service for a reasonable price.

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