Render cleaning

Spectrum are specialised and devoted to restoring render back to its former glory, with a specialist approach using a unique biocide which is mixed specifically for each job and using steam rather than pressure to completely restore render back to make your building look like it was when it was new.

If your building is looking tired and old, we will make it look like new – without the need to repaint.

We know how important a buildings looks are affected by the weathered render which is why we love cleaning and restoring render for our clients. Our job is to bring back your render to its former glory.

Neglected render that may be weathered, dirty or covered in algae, our job is to make your render look great again without the need to repaint.

What to look out for when Render Cleaning

The use of power washing render is strictly to be avoided and our expertise in render cleaning will ensure the very best results with complete peace of mind.

We recommend carrying out thorough research into the contractor chosen for you render cleaning and restoration works, as selecting an un experienced contractor can cause damage to the render. We highly advise all of our clients that power washing or jet washing should be avoided, so if this is recommended to you the render cleaning contractor is likely to not be competent in this field of work.

What you need to know about algae on render

The cause of tired looking or dirty render?

The most common type of algae found growing on render is brown, green and red algae. The tired looking render may look like it’s dirty but actually it’s covered with a dark brown algae, and depending on its development stage the facade will also have red and green algae growing on the render.

The most common affect and cause of the discolouration in the render is algae. Render has a porous surface and with the correct level of moisture this can be optimum conditions for simple asexual cell division for reproduction of the algae in the render. This allows the algae to spread quickly and also develop over different stages.

Our unique approach as shared by other specialist cleaning contractors uses a 3 stage process which ensures the very best results possible in removing algae and heavy soiling. This involves a unique biocide which is applied to the render and the use of steam and not jet wash. The steam ensures algae and heavy soiling is completely removed.

Cleaning Render with the correct method

Choosing an experienced and professional contractor is very important as the inpatriate cleaning method can cause damage to the render.  High pressure washers should be avoided as the high pressure forces the water deeper into the render which in the cold expands and damages the structurally bond of the render.

A full site survey should be carried out to assess the type of render and the condition of the render. We choose an appropriate Biocide for the fabric of the render, which is mixed in the correct ratios and appropriate catalysts are added depending on the type of algae and dirt that has grown or accumulated on the render. The biocide works into the poor of the render killing all algae and any living organisms growing on the render. The render is then gently steam washed with an industrial steam cleaning machine which ensures the algae is completely removed and leaving optimum results of the render. Ensuring the best steam machines are used is a critical part to ensuring optimum results for the job. The 10 degrees in difference for render cleaning can make a huge difference in the results of the render.

The third process and last stage of the render cleaning process is to apply thin layer of a completion biocide to the render which will ensure the render stay clean for longer. This is mixed on site depending on the type of render you have.

K- Rend Cleaning

Spectrum Specialise in the cleaning of K-Rend, with a vast amount of experience and knowledge in tackling in even the most demanding restoration projects, you can ensure Spectrum will bring back the K-Rend on your building to look like new, without the need to repaint.

K-Rend – Repairs

As well as cleaning, Spectrum also carry out repairs for most render manufactures. Using the appropriate methods and materials supplied by K Rend we will also carry out a maintenance services on your render ensuring if your render is old that any cracks are repaired and ensuring your render stays looking great and protecting the building from the elements for longer.

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