Graffiti Removal in London and the South East

If you are looking for a specialist contractor to remove graffiti on your building in London or the South East, look no further! Spectrum can help. We have years of experience in removing graffiti from even the most challenging of surfaces using  specialist methods to ensure no damage the area being worked on whilst still ensuring the surface itself is preserved and brought back to its former glory.

Graffiti Removal can be a painful process for unexperienced contractors and those without the correct skills and equipment. Even worse, the space between when the graffiti was applied and the time in which it is removed is crucial: the longer it is left, the more difficult it is to remove  as the harmful paint the solvents are absorbed into the building’s surface material.

It is important that an safe and environmentally-friendly method is used, to not just clean the area but to protect it against further damage. Spectrum’s depth of knowledge and experience in this field and in the chemical combinations that can be used  is extremely important, as different surfaces respond differently to different types of treatment. Spectrum treats every surface bespoke and will never recommend a chemical or treatment until the wall has been inspected.

Many people assume that a normal pressure washer will remove graffiti, but this is a common misconception. With porous surfaces such as masonry or brickwork, only a  chemically suitable product should be applied. For most effective results, high temperature steam should be used to remove the graffiti and any residual paint. Spectrum use DOFF steam cleaning – a unique high-temperature steam cleaner – that gives unbeatable results without damaging the surface below. Depending on the severity and the age of the graffiti staining on your London premises, you may need to have the DOFF process carried out more than once. The Spectrum team will be able to help advise you on what will work best for your building.

The image above shows graffiti removal after two weeks of its original damage. This residential block in East London has a specialist product applied by brush directly to the brickwork. This was left to soak into the masonry pore for half an hour before being cleaned with a high-temperature steam cleaner at 150 degrees. The steam cleaning stripped the first layer of paint and the process was then repeated twice further to fully remove the stains without causing any damage to the wall beneath. This project took three hours in total – but if it had been treated within two days of the graffiti being sprayed, could have been tackled within one. Calling in with your job as soon as you possibly can always increases the chance of a swift, effective removal, so don’t delay and report today!We understand how challenging it can be to maintain and preserve building aesthetics in busy and polluted cities like London; and that’s why we are always here to strive to offer our clients a quick and professional service that is second-to-none. We won’t leave your building looking anything less than tip top!For more information or a free quote call us now for us to help resolve your graffiti removal needs on 020 3 551 6206or email on

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