Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

About us

Whether its routinemaintenance or an emergency call out that you require, Spectrum are able to help you with your drain maintenance fast, affectively and ensuring care and quality is delivered to the property you manage.

We offer an emergency call out 24/7 drain unblocking service, and are entrusted by some of London’s  most prestigious blocks, where we have to ensure our drain cleaning service minimises any disturbance or mess.

Drain maintenance

We pride ourselves in the quality we strive to offer with drain cleaning maintenance, ensuring all drains are flushed through with the appropriate drain jet head and jetted through thoroughly. We document each job with photos and videos so you can rest assured the maintenance is thoroughly carries out by our drain jetting team.

If your block has no tap access, we are self contained and do not need access to your taps, as our vans are equipped with large water tanks for suppling water for the drain jetting service.

What to typically expect from drain cleaning / maintenance?

1.We will gain access to ground drainage, to clean drain runs, sub runs and gully runs, to clean to base of stacks/down pipes, to leave all in order. To Clean gullies.

2.To clean surface drains, to clean gullies to walkways and common areas.

3.To plough jet excess rain water drain – to keep levels of slit down

  1. To report on any defects, remove debris from site.

Drain unblocking

We know that blocked drains can cause severe damage which is why we know how critical it is to be able respond very fast. Call our Drain unblocking team now if you have a blockage 020 3 551 6206

Spectrum are equipped to tackle almost all of your drain blockage issues, and our service team will test your entire system before leaving so that you can rest assured the issue is resolved and no return calls are required.

One of the benefits of using a company like spectrum for emergencies in drain blockages is that access is our specialist, and often some of the issues with getting to blocked drains is access.

Cast studies 

We know that when managing a block can be demanding, especially in a city as hectic as London. which is why we are heavily equipped for almost any scenario. Take for example this case study on a residential block in London. Spectrum were called in for an emergency investigation to unblock a drain that had water overflowing from the ground in a communal area of the block. The report was a drain blockage, so we responded and had a drain blockage team on site within an hour – in London traffic that is lightning fast. Upon arrival we could see that in fact there was a downpipe going into the ground drainage system. Upon flushing and clearing the drains it was clear that the issue was not actually from the drainage system it was from the downpipe and rainwater system. Spectrum were able to adapt fast to the situation and because we have our vehicles prepared for almost any given situation we were able to safely set up anchor for abseiling to the downpipe, to clear the blockage. The Downpipe that went into the drainage system required to be dismantled and thoroughly cleared as it was full of construction materials from the development stage.  We then flushed the whole drainage system through again thoroughly with our drain jetting equipment to ensure all the pipework was thoroughly clear and cleaned.

It is because of our fast response, our adaptability, and ensuring we do a thorough job that so many companies rely on spectrum for their drain cleaning needs in the whole of London and the South East

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Contact us now for a free estimate on any of your Drain Cleaning and maintenance needs on 020 3 551 6206

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