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Window cleaning with the reach and wash system is a relatively new way of cleaning windows, and it has revolutionised the window cleaning industry as the benefits outweigh other cleaning methods.

Advantages of using the reach and wash

By Using the reach and wash, windows can be cleaned more efficiently, saving us time and ultimately saving our clients money. This often offers our clients the option of having more frequent cleans within the same budget.

We are able to do high level window cleaning up to 8 floors using the Reach and Wash system; without having to hire MEWPs or having to use abseil window cleaning methods. This factor also reduces the cost of window cleaning services for our clients.

Safe- Another great advantage of cleaning windows in London with this method, is that there are minimal health and safety risks; because our operatives can clean windows from the safety of the ground.

Using the reach and wash can also be a great way to clean, cladding, panelling signs, facia and canopies

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Why use spectrum for Reach and Wash Window Cleaning

Our team are full City and Guilds trained for cleaning windows safely. Our experience and expertise of using this method provides us with the skills to be able to do an excellent job every time. ‘Our work will always be carried out to the highest of standards, and if we can not do it to the best standard possible, we won’t do it all’ – Lucian Ivan, Managing Director

Unlike most other window cleaning companies in London, we have being able to adapt our own reach and wash poles that have made it easier for our staff to do a better job and reach previously in accessible height of up to 8 floors.

Innovation – Spectrum are able to do and excellent job and save our clients money through our innovative approach. We are always thinking of new ways of how use the Reach and Wash so that our clients can benefit from the cost efficiencies it brings. Our clients have benefited from this even with high level window cleaning. Our portable backpack and trolley systems give us the flexibility of being able to tackle even the most difficult access problems.

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The way the reach and wash works

This method of cleaning windows requires 100% purified water which will go through a filtration process called reverse osmosis. The purified water is then pumped through carbon fibre telescopic poles which will reach heights up to 90 ft (7-8 floors) The 100% purified water is excellent for cleaning windows because there is no detergent used which means no sticky residues are left, therefore windows do not soil as quickly and stay cleaner longer.

Case Studies

Fair Community Housing services approached us about cleaning the front windows on 21 blocks approximately 75ft high in Central London. There was little knowledge about how the windows were cleaned as it had being many years since they had being cleaned. Spectrum done a full site survey and found that Abseiling was not a feasible option as there was a slopping roof and a Cherry Picker (MEWP) would have being expensive and caused various problems operating on a very busy London road with trees blocking a lot of the access to the windows. Using the reach and wash would have being the best solution but using a normal reach and wash pole would have being difficult because of the height and the large ledge on the top floor. Spectrum proposed using our specialist lightweight poles that allowed us to clean the windows at this height with ease and do a good job without loosing efficiency in the bend of the pole. We offered to do a test section on one of the blocks so the client could view the results of using our reach and wash system at this height. The results were very good and we put through a full quotation for Fair Community Housing.

After our quote was accepted we put together a 2 week strategy in place to clean all windows on all 21 blocks. We prepared full risk and method statements and reserved the parking bays we needed ourselves and provided a daily update on which blocks have being cleaned, and any issues revolving around the clean.

High level window cleaning up to 7 floors using Reach and Wash in Central London

The clean was completed successfully and on time, with feedback from tenants that our team had done a good job. Our approach to Window Cleaning showed planning, communication, conduction our work efficiently; delivering a good job on time and on budget.

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Will I require and external Tap to have Reach and Wash window cleaners clean my building?
We will not require an external tap to clean the windows, our vans have purified water stored in large tanks.

Are there safe working wind speed conditions for using the reach and wash?
There is no official guide of safe working wind speeds, but using a tall pole in high wind speeds should be avoided.

What is the maximum height possible for using the reach and wash?
We have being able to use our poles to reach heights previously unreachable, we will use our system up to 8 floors. Poles will begin to bend once they reach a certain height, loosing efficiency while cleaning, which is why we have invested in the best poles on the market, so that there is minimal bend and our poles can do a more efficient job.

Can the reach and wash be used in freezing temperatures?
Our experience has allowed us to develop smart ways of tackling difficult winters, read our article on cleaning windows in the winter to find out more. View cleaning windows in the winter.

To see how our approach could help you, call us now for a free quote and advice on window cleaners in London.

Spectrum Memberships & Certifications
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